Window Cleaning 101: What are its Benefits and How Often Should You Clean Your Window?

Dirty and grimy windows can be very depressing, whether they are present at your home or office. Clean and well-maintained windows that allow you to see the beauty of your garden, or let you have a clear view of the skyscraping buildings outside your office and allow you to feel warm sunshine even though you are indoors can do so much wonders for you for your comfort levels and mood. This is the reason why it is very important to keep your windows clean at all times.


What are the Benefits of Clean Windows?

There are many reasons why should make sure that your windows are kept clean. First and foremost, the very important reason is that it boosts the appearance of your office or home. Clean and well-maintained windows can certainly help you make a great lasting first impression, as your windows’ state, and your house in general, can reflect you as the owner. If you have clean and well-maintained windows, your house or office will definitely appear pleasing to the eyes of the passers-by. For example, if you a fine dining restaurant, customers are most likely to eat in your restaurant if your windows and doors are kept shiny and clean than the others.

In addition to that, the amount of sunlight entering the place is also known to directly affect a person’s mood. It is actually a known fact that people residing in some countries with low sunlight amounts are more prone to suicidal thoughts and depression than people in sunny regions. If your windows have dirt stains and smudges on it, you are generally limiting the sunlight amount that can enter inside. This can then have a direct effect of the mood of the people around you – including you! On the other hand, if a good amount of sunlight enters your building or house, it will immediately provide you with warmth, cheer and brightness.

Furthermore, smudges and dirt appearing on the windows can also be able to limit their ability to conduct heat. The rays of the sunshine will instead reflect of the dirt and smudges and will not be able to heat the inside of the house or office anymore especially during cold winter season. A room that lacks direct sunlight is also prone to having insects, bugs, mildew and condensation in the window sills. That is the reason why cleaning your windows regularly with the help of professional window cleaning Austin will help prolong your window’s good condition and lifespan for several years.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Windows?

How often should you clean your windows generally depend on the weather conditions in your local area, as well as your personal preferences. For example, if you own a business, it is highly recommended that you clean your windows at least twice to thrice a month. On the other hand, if you own a house, you may have your windows professionally cleaned at least twice or thrice a year.

The local weather conditions in your area will also have a say in whether you should have your windows cleaned more than twice every year. If you are living near the sea, the sea salt can potentially stick and as well as corrode your windows. If this is the case, it is a good idea to have your windows professionally cleaned at least monthly or so.

In addition to that, your own preferences and requirements will also help in deciding how frequent you should clean your windows. Some individuals like the gloomy, dark feel that comes from smudgy windows, while other people prefer to keep their windows crystal clear at all times. If you have a gorgeous view in front of you as well as you love to sit by and the window and stare on it all the time, then it is important that you have your window cleaned more frequently. Alternatively, if one window of your home or office is occupying one corner and is overlooking through a dark alley, then it is not necessary that you have them cleaned often. However, they should be cleaned once in a while for hygiene and health purposes.

Window Cleaning Inside and Out

If you’re cleaning your windows from outside, the inside of the windows should be first cleaned, and vice versa. The reason for this is that opening a window can leave streaks behind but it can be wiped off afterwards on your side. Cleaning windows can also be a hard work and you should never attempt it working on them in direct sunlight.

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Reasons Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Windows

The pretty obvious reasons why you have to clean your windows in a regular manner are: 1) better view, 2) heat efficiency, 3) professional business image, and lastly, 4) boost mood.


A lot of people seek for advice and information on a wide variety of window maintenance and care related concerns. However, the most basic concept about all is that, to search for an understanding as to why you should clean your windows in general. Beyond the common reasons we have mentioned above, the most vital reason to maintain the cleanliness of your glass window is to avoid the degradation of glass. This is because glass will become permeated over time with a wide variety of contaminants including:

  1. Hard minerals from building run off and sprinkler systems
  2. Oxidization that comes from windows that are encased in screens and metal frames
  3. Sea spray
  4. Acid rain
  5. Over spray from mortar, chalking, paint and more

In most cases, hard minerals or hard is water is considered as the most powerful threat to most business and home owners, which is why cleaning your windows in a regular manner with the help of professional window cleaning services such as window cleaning Austin in order to prevent the sudden degradation of the glass of your windows. In addition to that, the need for restoring the glass of your windows in an early stage can be effectively avoided with the aid of regular and professional cleaning to exterior surfaces of window glass. Experts recommend that you should have your windows professionally cleaned in not less than twice a year.

Understanding Your Glass Window

Glass is considered porous. A cross section of a glass sheet can reveal valleys and peaks. A glass is a liquid that is continuously getting hard over time. And since it is porous, it is quite easy to understand how the transparent look of the glass can become quickly obstructed by airborne pollutants. In addition to that, it also makes us much easier to understand why hard water such as rain water that runs over prefabricated surface like painted siding, wood stain, concrete sealant as well as deposits acids and minerals from those substances into glass pores as rain water continues to flow down into the surface of the class can eventually damage your glass window if it is not being maintained in a regular manner.

If you are a business or home owner, it is most likely that you can be able to appreciate the importance of protecting your glass window investment. If left unmaintained over a long period of time, your glass window can have a permanent damage due to degradation. Phase two of the corrosion is the point where in the molecular structure of the glass has been altered.

Most occurrence of degradation is considered in phase one as it is only affecting the glass window’s surface. While this issue is a bit easy to solve, it is still very important that you seek help from the professional window cleaning experts since they are highly trained, have many years of experience, skilled, knowledgeable, and most of all, they have the right specialized window cleaning tools, products and equipment to make sure that their entire window cleaning task will be done safely, efficiently and effectively, giving you a highly satisfactory window cleaning service.

For phase two which is the corrosion, it is not just important that you hire a professional window cleaning company in your area – it is a MUST. Hiring a professional window cleaning company is vital in this phase since they have the proper training, experience and knowledge on how to use complex window cleaning tools such as a glass hog. Glass hog is a restoration device used to remove glass layers to resurface the affected glass with a brand new finish. If used unprofessionally, these complicated tools can cause distortion to occur to the surface of your glass windows, which is why it is not recommended to use such tools if you are not professionally trained, experienced and skilled on how to use this specialized tool.

Now that you have completely have a wide understanding as to why you should keep your windows clean at all times, it is now up to you if you want to do the task yourself or hire a professional window cleaning company. However, it is strongly recommended to ask the professional help of experienced window cleaners if you do not have any knowledge on how to clean your window without creating damage to it.

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